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Parwaz Engineering company was established  in Pakistan by a group of progressive and experienced engineers in their respective field. Since our establishment with over 35 years of manufacturing have successfully gained worldwide recognition for our innovative designs. The Parwaz Engineering  Company is proud to present you with the most comprehensive, diverse and trend -inspired  product line in the history  of Company. Parwaz offers a wide array of Electric fans, Washing machines , Patti fittings with blast, Energy savers, Voltage stabilizers and other home appliances.

At Parwaz, quality has been our hallmark since 1967.The entire line of Parwaz products have been developed with an emphasis on quality, variety and style.Today we remain a recognized leader in motor technology.  Each Parwaz product features meticulous  workmanship and the finest material available. And all Parwaz products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in industry

Parwaz offers the products to match any decor. Parwaz products excel  in beauty and style and are built to last. Exclusive finishes and unique light fixture making the products and light combinations limitless. The result is one of the most impressive selections of home appliances anywhere. There is no better way to add the finishing touches to a room than with Parwaz 

Parwaz  Engineering Company designer and manufacturer of home appliances are focused on providing the best possible comfort solutions for our customers. The spirit of innovation always exist as Parwaz products continues to devlop new ideas and new products.We always put customers first at all times and recognise that this is the only route towards a successful future. We listen to our customer's concerns and opinions in order to make any further improvments. We have already gained a good reputation in the worldwide home appliances industry. Through our strong networks, including worldwide agents, distributors, sales representatives and customer service representatives, we commit to our customers with the best services.
With our commitment to customers, we will advance our capabillity of manufacturing superior products to exceed customer's expectations. We focus our resoures on our customers and markets, constantly striving for excellence in understanding , serving and anticipating their need faster and better than our competition.We have well prepared to meet your needs, and we will also continuosly create,develop and manufacture new quality products, which will make us best choice for all your demands.
Our aim is to be number one in customer satisfaction by providing superior products at the lowest relevant cost. We are proud of our heritage and tradition as Pakistan's leading  manufacturer and exporter of home appliances.


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